Dystopia is a project in which I like to explore the future of our world through a series of digital art pieces. I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of dystopia because it ponders on our future and on our role in the future of our planet. Focussing on our effect on nature and the imprints we leave behind after we’re gone.

As a designer I’m also fascinated with the idea that we as a species have been able to redesign this world to our benefit. The architectural structures and scenic pollution and all the things we have created and destroyed. Simply to make ourselves more comfortable.

What will become of it the moment we let go. What will bounce back and what will deteriorate. How will all these civilized places look once the civilizations are gone and nature has had time to slowly creep back through the cracks. These are things I like to wonder about. Mixing existing locations with a bit of extrapolation, imagination and science fiction I try to come up with fun, interesting and thought provoking images that could give an idea of what the future might look like.