Observatorium – Genothek

Observatorium is a small group of artists who focus on creating relationships between art, landscape and society. And in 2013 I got the opportunity to work with them in a supporting role. The State of Bavaria commissioned their artwork Genothek as part of the percent-for-art-scheme of the Biomedical Centre in Munich. Their design; an open air library for the 6000 books needed to describe the human genetic code.

My involvement in the Genothek project focussed on translating, converting and combining the groundplans for the artwork and the technical drawings issued by a seperate party. Being familiar with AutoCAD I had to make sure those designs would all fit together nicely to prevent any unnecessary mistakes during construction.

On october 7th, 2014 Observatorium won the “Overall Jury Prijs” for Genothek in the category Aluminium for Future Generations  as part of the European Aluminium Award 2014.