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The Wild One | 01-03 / 12-04 
Manifacto Amsterdam | Commelinstraat 250a, 1093 VD Amsterdam

The Infinite Wheel of Time | June

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Waus Warehouse

Decoding Sensations

[in]sane – Altered States of Mind

Waus Festival

The Authentic Fake

Dance Event, Exhibition 14/07/2018 by

WAUS Warehouse

Waus EventsWaus organizes Techno & Deep House events in vacant commercial buildings in and around Haarlem.For their februari addition there was an open call for artists and creators to exhibit some of their works and creations during the event. With [...]

Showcase 11/05/2018 by

Decoding Sensations

A Curious Brew of ArtArt collective Young Blood Initiative brought together Dutch and international artists for Decoding Sensations, a showcase of visual arts and live performances, which took place in London and Amsterdam.Investigating in sensations and perceptions, spectators were treated [...]